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Updates found with 'cad'

WHAT IS CNC? Computer Numerical Control (CNC) is a technology that works on the concept of Mechatronics ie. combination of Mechanical and Electronics principles. CNC is an automation of machine tools - predominantly Lathe and Milling, by the means of computers, executing pre-programmed sequences of control commands. Instead of operating machines manually with the help of hand-wheels or levers or cams, CNC uses pre-programmed commands - G-Code and M-Code to operate machine automatically. The word 'Numerical' used in Computer Numerical Controls have its own significance. It means that a computer with the help of CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) softwares converts a CAD Drawing/Design into numbers. These numbers are understood to the controller (Fanuc or Siemens) of the machine which further controls the movement of the tool. GRD TECHNICAL CENTRE gives on-job training of CNC Machines where the students are trained to handle a machine within actual production cycle. After successful completion of training, students are employed to reputed industries in and around Amritsar where they get attractive salary packages, starting from 12000/- to 25000/-. Our CNC Operating and Programming course (affiliated by NSIC - National Small Industries Corporation) covers all the aspects of training required to be responsible Head-Programmer. It includes CAD, CAM, CNC training - Lathe & Milling, Instrumentation, Tooling and 3-D Printing. Its duration is 6 Months. Students from Mechanical departments of various engineering and polytechnic colleges are well-suited for the CNC training.
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