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GRD Technical Centre, a skill development center, is an integral unit of Singhs industries, where the training is imparted within actual production cycle. On-job training makes a student's skills more closer to professionalism and groom them to get instantly employable in reputed industries in and around Amritsar.. We are also an authorized Training partner with PMKVY and PSDM (Punjab Skill Development Mission). We have three courses available in our Amritsar branch in which Training is sponsored by Government. GRD-TC (Amritsar) #Welding #CNC Operating #Mobile Repair GRD-TC (Mohali) #Computing& Peripheral #Mobile Repair Apart from these free courses, our organization also provides few hi-tech courses here in Amritsar (Punjab), affiliated by NSIC (National Small Industries Corporation, Government of India enterprise). List of these courses are: CadCam CNC Operating and Programming AutoCad SolidWorks GRD Technical Centre 194 East mohan nagar near Mata kaulan hospital, 100 feet road, Amritsar (PUNJAB) #VocationalTraining #MechanicalEngineering #2MonthsIndustrialTraining #6MonthsIndustrialTraining #TrainingforB-Tech #JobPlacement 01835010007, 9888220007
WHAT IS CNC? Computer Numerical Control (CNC) is a technology that works on the concept of Mechatronics ie. combination of Mechanical and Electronics principles. CNC is an automation of machine tools - predominantly Lathe and Milling, by the means of computers, executing pre-programmed sequences of control commands. Instead of operating machines manually with the help of hand-wheels or levers or cams, CNC uses pre-programmed commands - G-Code and M-Code to operate machine automatically. The word 'Numerical' used in Computer Numerical Controls have its own significance. It means that a computer with the help of CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) softwares converts a CAD Drawing/Design into numbers. These numbers are understood to the controller (Fanuc or Siemens) of the machine which further controls the movement of the tool. GRD TECHNICAL CENTRE gives on-job training of CNC Machines where the students are trained to handle a machine within actual production cycle. After successful completion of training, students are employed to reputed industries in and around Amritsar where they get attractive salary packages, starting from 12000/- to 25000/-. Our CNC Operating and Programming course (affiliated by NSIC - National Small Industries Corporation) covers all the aspects of training required to be responsible Head-Programmer. It includes CAD, CAM, CNC training - Lathe & Milling, Instrumentation, Tooling and 3-D Printing. Its duration is 6 Months. Students from Mechanical departments of various engineering and polytechnic colleges are well-suited for the CNC training.
A training in Burkina Faso by joint efforts of SINGHS INDUSTRIES and GRD TECHNICAL CENTRE on 'how to operate wire nail machine.' #NSIC #SinghsIndustries #WireNailMachine #TrainingInAmritsar #SkillDevelopmentCentreinAmritsar #FreeEducation #NSDC Call 9888220007, 01835010007 GRD Technical Centre
GRD Technical Centre, integral unit of Singhs group of Industries, affiliated by various Govt of India organisations namely NSIC (National Small Industries Corporation), NSDC (National Skill Development Corporation), PMKVY (Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana), etc imparts quality training in hi-tech courses designed by the experts from the manufacturing industry. It includes CNC Training (Turning), CNC operating and programming (VMC), CAD-CAM, AutoCad, SolidWorks, Pro-e, Industrial Automation, Machinist, EDP and more. GRD-TC also provides 45 Days / 2 Months and 6 Months Industrial training to the B-tech (Mechanical) students, thereby making them ready to take on jobs.
GRD Technical centre is a vocational training institute that allows students to obtain professional work experience in the trade like #CNC_Operating_& _Programming #CAD_CAM #Industrial_Automation #Equipment_Designing #Auto_CAD #Solid_Edge #Software_Developer etc. We also provide #2_MONTHS & #6_MONTHS #INDUSTRIAL_TRAINING to #MECHANICAL_ENGINEERING Students and provide them with lucrative JOBS in #Reputed_Industries. Call us- 9888220007, 9988471887, 6239292755 GRD Technical Centre, 194 East Mohan Nagar, 100Ft Road, Amritsar
GRD Technical Centre (GRD-TC) is an integral unit of Singhs group of Industries, that provides it's students ON-JOB TRAINING (OJT) within actual production cycle to make them ready-to-take-on-jobs. The list of courses which are high in demand in the Industries are as follows: 1. CNC Operating and Programming (Turning) 2. CNC Operating and Programming (VMC) 3. CAD-CAM 4. Industrial Automation 5. Equipment Designer 6. Auto-CAD 8. Software Developer Admissions are open for B-tech students having their 6 Months Industrial Trainings in their last semester. We guarantee them to provide job after course done at GRD-TC. Call us- 9888220007, 9988471887, 01835010007
6 Months Industrial Training (Mechanical Engineering) B-Tech Protect yourself with 100% Job placement or get refund of your fees within 10 days CNC Operating and Programming, CAD/CAM training CNC Turning (Lathe), CNC Milling (Vertical Milling Centre - VMC), Auto-CAD, Solid-Edge, Industrial Automation. Students are certified by NSIC (National Small Industries Corporation) or NSDC (National Skill Development Corporation). GRD-TC (GRD Technical Center) is an only institute which has integrated industrial campus, thereby, allowing students to learn industry oriented skills by working in actual production cycle of a manufacturing Industry. Our certified students have validity to work anywhere in the world including reputed countries like Canada, Australia, USA, Dubai, New Zealand, etc. For admission, call: 9888220007, 9988471887, 0183-5010007 GRD Technical Centre, 194 East Mohan Nagar, 100ft Road, Amritsar
Industrial Training institute in Amritsar GRD Technical Centre is an integral unit of Singhs group of Industries, where the industrial training is imparted in a practical environment, thereby, making a student employable for skilled jobs. Its an only institute in Amritsar provide on job training in hi-tech courses like CNC Operating and Programming, Welding, Machinist, Industrial Automation, Mobile Repair, AutoCad, Cad/Cam or CADCAM, etc Admission Open #Skill India Mission PMKVY Free Training Free Education NSDC Industrial Training in Punjab Mechanical
GRD Technical Centre provides training in various skill development courses like Make-up Artist, Beauty Therapist, Frontline health worker, Dealership Tele-caller sales executive, Documentation Assistant, Plumber, Self-employed tailor, CNC Operating andProgramming, Mechanical draughtsman, Auto Cad, CAD-CAM, etc. GRD-TC is a skill development centre that provide Government Certification after successful completion of course. NSIC (National Small Industries Corporation) and NSDC (National Skill Development Corporation) are two government agencies that accredited GRD-TC to impart quality training to it's students.  Admission open Call: 9888220007, 9988471887, 01835010007 GRD Technical Centre, 194 East Mohan Nagar, 100ft road, Amritsar